Marketa Minksova2



Name: Marketa Minksova
Age: 36
Nationality: Czech
Arrival: ASAP
Experience: 5 years
Drive since: NO

Au pair ID: MM36
Extending for: asap - 1-2 years
Special Requests: family near London, 130 GBP/week +, children up to 2 years old
Qualified to care for: children up to 2 years old
Activities with children: all day childcare, feeding, male preparation, activities with children
Dear family letter:

Dear Family,

My name is Marketa. I am from Czech republic. I live in a small village near the town Kromeriz with my parents.
I have one sister and one brother.
After finishing my secondary school i decided to go in Gemany. I worked as the au-pair.
It was more than 10 years ago and we lost contact.
When I come back to my country I find job as a shop assistant in bookshop.
During this time I have been visiting my friends very often.
I have friend Lenka, sha has two boys, I visited her every week and was plaing with them.
Between 2008-2011 I was warking in England as mohters-help.
My first family was single mother. She has got one boy Finley.
During 2009 I was working in London by family Hunter. I took care of little girl Sarah. We visited singing lessons in church, gym boree classes, monkey music..
It was lovely time for me. I as in contact with people.
2010-2011 I spent time by Family Steven...I was looking after little Christina.
We were walking in wood very often, playing in garden, singing, reading books together,
playing with children in park.
She was very happy in ballet classes.
All these families have proviede me with references.
Nom I am back in my country and spend time with my family. My sister has
twins and I play sometimes with them.
My friend Katka has little boy Cenda he is 2 years old and I visit her every week
to look after him..I help my parents with business and I attend some English
lessons once a week.
Because my friends are still working in UK, I have decided to go back in England and try find job as a housekeeper or mother´s help again.
I spend my free time at my favourite sports which are bicycle riding, swimming, running.
I do like to make trips with my friends. My hobbies include reading books, listening music as well, I love animals.
I am friendly, enthusiastic, trustorthy, respondible, non smoker.