Petra Kloudova2



Name: Petra Kloudova
Age: 21,5
Nationality: Czech
Arrival: August 2013
Experience: 2 years
Drive since: 201

Au pair ID: AK21
Extending for: 1.8.2013- 1.8.2014
Special Requests: None
Qualified to care for: Children up to 3 years old
Activities with children: allday childcare, meal preparation, activities with children,..
Dear family letter:

Dear host family,
My name is Petra (21) and I come from the Czech republic from Prague the main town of Czech Republic.
I love children and working with them.And also I love English language.

I’m very honesty person and responsible.And also enthusiastic and caring person

I live in a house with my mother, my sister and brother and small dog. My mother is 50 and works as a office manager, My sister is 27 years old and works as entrepreneur. My brother has a same age like me.We are twins. Now he study. I also help my mother with all domestic work as washing, ironing and keeping the house clean.
I have finished my studies two years ago at school of chemistry

I like sport especially horse riding,ballet dance,skydiving, reading,driving car,going out with friends.
I like honesty people.The only thing I am not very good is cooking..But I will try to be better..:)

I think working as an au pair would be ideal for me.Because i want to improve my English and I love children.I have some experience with children,because I have small causins.And last year I spent 4 months as an aupair.

Reasons to become an au pair.

Because I love children, I am used to take care of children. I also look after my little cousin from time to time. His name is Martin and he is 2 years old.
I'm looking for family whitch will take me not as employer but as the member of the family.

And what I really want is study university in Prague but I’m young and I love traveling so I want to travel and after that study university.