AU PAIR - All About Au Pair

 How can an Au Pair help me?

Au Pairs offer help looking after your children in your home and their duties include:

  • Cleaning, tidying, dusting and vacuuming
  • Washing up, laundry, helping look after children
  • Making meals
  • Ironing

Au Pairs are not qualified nannies but can be called upon for certain tasks with children such as picking them up from school and picking up and dropping off at clubs and appointments. As your Au Pair will come from another country, it is an ideal opportunity for your child to learn about a different culture and to communicate with someone from a different background to their own.

 What qualifications do Au Pairs hold?

Although they do not require formal qualifications, all of our Au Pairs are enthusiastic and will be eager to learn your routines, meet your children and begin work in your home.

All Au Pairs have also been fully trained in first aid and have the required skills and proven references.

 How much does it cost to hire an Au Pair?

Typically, Au Pairs cost £60 - £90 per week depending on the hours they work.

Please also take into account the additional costs of having an extra guest in your home, and the Au Pair will require food and transport costs.

It is important to remember that Au Pairs are employed by you. As your employees you will need to pay PAYE tax and National Insurance contributions if they earn over £107 per week. This can be discussed when hiring your Au Pair.

 What hours do Au Pairs work?

Working hours of Au Pairs are usually between 25 and 35 hours a week including two evenings babysitting. You should agree on the exact working hours when hiring your Au Pair.

Au Pairs who work 30 – 35 hours are known as 'Au Pair+' or 'Au Pair Plus'. In most cases Au Pairs work for a maximum of two years in the country, although their stay may only last a few months. You should discuss your Au Pair's plans when you hire them.

 What is an Au Pair Plus?

An Au-Pair Plus has the same responsibility and requirements as a standard Au-Pair, apart from their working hours, and therefore, the level of pocket money is higher.   An Au Pair Plus is an affordable alternative to a live in nanny. An Au-Pair PLUS will work up to 35 hours per week and also do two evenings of babysitting each week. Government guidelines on pocket money are that any hours worked in addition should be paid at an hourly rate of £3.50 per hour.  However paying between £90 -£95 a week is not an unreasonable level of compensation for the Au-Pair Plus service.

 How do I hire an Au pair?

Please contact us to hire your ideal Au Pair.

Selecting the right Au Pair will lead to a fun and enjoyable time for your child as they enjoy companionship from someone from a different culture who will help broaden their horizons, help you around the house and settle into your family life.

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