MOTHER´S HELP - All about mother´s help

How can a Mother’s Help help me?

Mother’s Help offer flexible ways to help you look after your children, including:

  • Childcare; providing one-to-one attention, allowing them to learn and play
  • Working alongside you to look after your child
  • Preparing and cooking light meals for children
  • Shopping duties, general help with household tasks
  • Cleaning and household duties such as washing and ironing

There are various roles Mother’s helps perform, each offering different benefits.

Live out Mother’s Helps do not live in your home with you. They will usually perform night-time babysitting duties on request and live a commutable distance from your home – you may find this option useful if living space.

Live-in Mother’s Helps stay in your house so they can get up with the children, help with getting dressed and the breakfast routine as well as babysitting duties. They can be called upon for last-minute emergencies so are a very flexible option.

What qualifications do Mother’s Helps hold?

Although Mother’s Helps do not hold formal nanny qualifications, they have hands-on childcare experience which makes them ideal to look after children in a home environment.

All of our Mother’s Helps have been fully trained in first aid and have the required skills and proven references.

How much does it cost to hire a Mother’s Help?

The costs of Mother’s Helps vary according to the service they provide, how experienced they are and how many children they look after.

Mother’s Help costs are typically £150-300 per week, but also remember that if you hire a live-in Mother’s Help you will need to provide them with food.

It is also important to remember that Mothers Helps are employed by you. As your employees you will need to pay PAYE tax and National Insurance contributions. This can be discussed when hiring your Mother’s Help.

What hours do Mother’s Helps work?

Working hours of Mother’s Helps are usually around 10 hours a day, five days a week.

Live-in Mother’s Helps normally include two nights babysitting as part of their services while live-out Mother’s Helps may charge for babysitting.

How do I hire a Mother’s Help?

Please contact us to hire your ideal Mother’s Help.

Selecting the right Mother’s Help will give you a vital extra pair of hands round the house and provide help with childcare from an experienced and enthusiastic helper.

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